Friday, June 6, 2008

Ultimate Origins #1 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Jackson Guice

It seems like Bendis has creative control over the Ultimate universe. I don't read too many books from the Ultimate Universe except for Spidey (although i did enjoy the Ultimate Human miniseries), so I didn't know how to approach this book. It was allright i guess. Its kind of cool seeing black Nick Fury. I didn't know he was hit up with the super soldier serum, so that was neat. The art was really nice looking. It had that Captain America realism to it (Guice backs up Epting on Cap). There was a lot of other things in this issue that makes it worth checking out, like the Wolverine stuff. I am just not sure that the Ultimate universe has much use, because its not like the actual Marvel U follows continuity.


Take OAO:
I thought this was an amazing attempt to reboot the ultimate universe. I am a big fan of Ultimate Spider-man
because it is the comic that got me into reading comics weekly. It was the first issue I ever bought but that aside, I have read some of the ultimate universe titles such as Ultimates and some Ultimate X-men with a nice mix of Ultimate Human. I have to admit that I am a sucker for big conspiracy theories and this issue did peak my interest. The way the Ultimate Universe works is everything hinges on the super soldier serum. Spider-man got his powers as Norman tried to invent it, Banner tried to do it with the Hulk, and now the revelation that mutants were manufactured is an amazing idea. It is an interesting concept and this could be the thing to reboot the universe. I enjoyed this issue and I think there is some hope for the Ultimate U after this. Hopefully it isn't Loeb that is doing Ultimatum and Bendis. I think Bendis works better especially in this universe. In many ways this is Bendis's universe and I think he is the one that will bring life into this universe. This issue also sports some pretty art. Solid debut and definitely worth a look.

Overall: GET IT

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