Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wolverine #66 Review

Old Man Logan
Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven

Wolverine has been the only title to have a good story since Messiah Complex ended. This title is currently hot after the thrilling "Get Mystique" storyline [which also raises more continuity issues on how he manages to hut her down and also do the whole X-Force thing] but now with Millar involved we are about to get a deeper read. The premise is there was a mysterious event in which all the heroes were man handled and now a few super villains rule North America and by the transitive property the world [yeah, I went there]. Logan has stopped fighting the good fight and has a family. He is a farmer who of course isn't doing well and the Hulk Gang is coming for the rent. Long story short a golden oppurtunity comes in the form of a blind? Hawkeye who has to deliver a package all the way to the other side of North America. Millar understands how to write Wolverine [technically Logan] and the way the character is meant to be written. Wolverine is meant to have a mysterious past and it was creative how Millar brought that back by flashing forward after a big event. He added the mystique [no pun, well it was intented] back into Wolverine of a dude who has seen stuff but you don't know what. The issue is very tightly plotted and it never drags, Millar knows where he is going and isn't stalling. I enjoyed the character work that Millar did especially the scene where they were talking about selling the kids toys but Logan would not even consider it. That was really touching. Another nice touch was the Spidermobile which was a nice little Easter egg they threw in there. This was a nice debut issue but there was some things I would nit pick. I think it should have been longer because we all knew that this was coming. It was a nice ride but it reminds me of the first Messiah Complex in which they did nothing new at all thus delievering a less than satisfying issue but unlike Messiah the ride through this issue was much more pleasant.

Overall: GET IT

Take Tro-

Man i really enjoyed this. Mark Millar has followed the incredibly entertaining "Get Mystique" arc with a great set up issue for what is sure to be a fantastic story. I loved the look of Wolverine. My favorite thing in this book is the great character work by Millar on Wolverine. He has set him up as being compassionate and caring, and I am sure later down the road we will see glimpses of the old Wolverine (which we did see in a panel). We know that he is capable of this, but it was great to see Logan. Logan is a farmer struggling to provide for his family, and that just tears him apart. Millar does a good job showing that Logan does care and will do whatever to protect his family. What I didn't particularly like was the "bad guys take over the world" thing. That is predictable and played out, but lets just roll with the punches. McNiven provides some really nice art. Millar and McNiven (who both teamed up on Civil War) will surely give us a good story going forward. Now off to the IGN Comics Podcast!

Art: Ballin
Overall: GET IT

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