Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sports God's WWE Mock Draft

I enjoyed reading OAO's mock draft, but of course, I have opinions of my own. I'm going to break it down, brand by brand.

Carlito- He isn't worth a look on Raw, but he is a possibility on ECW (anyone is). He could contend for the ECW title with a little help of a push

DH Smith- Totally underutilized 20 year old talent that needs some grooming. It would be smart to put him on the C brand and let him grow (possibly as a heel)

London/Kendrick- Who the hell are they? They reigned as tag champs for over a year (!) on the blue brand once. They could get more tv time on ECW and feud with Morrison and Miz.

Chuck Polumbo- He isn't happy with his push, and he is improving. I used to be completely bored with him, but he is growing into a strong heel character.

Beth Phoenix- If anyone saw her completely job out to Mickie James 2 weeks ago, you know she is gone. She should go to Smackdown and reign as Diva's Champion with her eye towards a big feud with Michelle McCool.

CM Punk- He is so gone. My guess is Smackdown. CM Punk has a problem. You can tell whats going to happen in the match if you see the first 5 seconds of his entrance. If he is incredibly happy, then he is going to win. If he is mild mannered, he is doing the job. He was jumping for joy last ECW, and he had an extended celebration. He is so gone people. He has the MITB and that cannot be used on ECW. I am sorry, that brand is the C show.

Elijah Burke- He seriously hasn't been on tv on a regular basis in a while. Dude can kind of wrestle, oozes charisma, and can get heat. Push h
im people.

JBL- He hasn't been on Raw in a while anyways. It is known that he wanted to return to Smackdown, and I think he might get his way. He can be a strong, strong heel on SD (which he once was), and could challenge Edge for top heel on the brand.

Mike Knox- Someone needs to replace Polumbo as a midcard heel jobber. Bingo

Umaga (a.k.a Umanga)- If there was like a betting line for this draft Monday, I would put a lot of cash on this. Vince McMahon said in the shareholders meeting 2 months ago that he would go to Smackdown at some point this year. Feuds with Big Show and Taker are imminent.

Batista- The Animal lands on Raw after feuding with everyone on Smackdown. He is ready to return to Raw and do some bad things. Once a big meathead, he is now a good wrestler with solid mic skills (if kept short). Dave.

Chavo Guerrero- I am not a Chavo fan, but he has some use as a midcard heel. And this way, we know he won't touch the WWE title.

Festus- The gimmick has worn thin, so it needs to be freshen up. Seperated from his partner Jesse, he is in some trouble. Don't worry, Cryme Time will come to the rescue. Comedy insues.

Finlay- The fighting Irishman is off to Raw. He could use the fresh start, and could be in the upper midcard for a while over there.

Hornswaggle- In the feel good story of the night, son reunites with father after a tumultuous 40 minutes of separation. Wrestling- where "moments" happen (I am looking at you John Cena)

Natalya- I think she is off to Raw to replace Beth Phoenix as the top heel diva. She can wrestle.

MVP- I really think he is going to get a push as a top heel on Raw. He is going to replace Orton and feud with the likes of Triple H and John Cena. I think so. Even though I maintain my boy Kennedy is still the guy who has star potential, MVP also has it. He can wrestle, he can talk, he has heat. That translates to being a main eventer.

Keep your eye on Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy................... Kennedy.

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Awesome mock draft, you dug deep man, real deep

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