Thursday, June 19, 2008

WWE Mock Draft

So I figure we might rip off ESPN and do a mock draft for the WWE upcoming draft. Since WWE is a bit different I won't do in order of picks but just predict which wrestlers are most likely to switch brands followed by why. The easiest way is to start by wrestlers who aren't going to switch brands [All pictures are from]

Triple HHH- There is no way HHH moves to any brand at all. He is the Champ and since he has complete creative control he isn't going anywhere near the B brand. The man has earned it.

Shawn Michaels- He isn't going anywhere either because he also has complete creative control over his character and since he is injuried I doubt he swtiches brands as well. You don't break up DX.

Edge- The current king of Smackdown is staying where he is because he is absolutely been phenomenal there. He and Vicki have been getting "heat" like no one has seen since the days of the attitude era.

Undertaker- He is coming back to Smackdown to deal with Edge. There is no way they let anything this sleezy stand. There is too much controversity there and the matches have been so well done that they can't let it end there with that match.

La Familia- They are sticking by Edge and won't be affected by this draft at all. The only thing that might change is Chavo and his bodyguard to Smackdown since ECW and Smackdown are now seperating but that is a technically. La Familia will be fine seeing as they are the hottest stable in the business.

Jeff Hardy- The most over wrestling in the company today he carries the show outside the main event and they need him to sustain the first 1 hour and 40 minutes of Raw. Outside him there is no reason to turn into Raw besides the main event.

MVP- The man is ready for a title run and if it is going to happen it will be on Smackdown. There are some things that will never and one of those is MVP getting a clean win over HHH and pinning him to earn and begin what could possibly the greatest title reign in all of WWE. That won't happen [tear streams down the right side of the face] but he can definitely feud with Hardy and also compete in the what will be the revamped Smackdown title picture.

Now it is time for the wrestlers who are going to change brands [again this is all hypothetical].

Umaga- Word in the industry is he has been gone for a long time. He is probably the safest pick to switch over to Smackdown.

Elijah Burke- He has a new gimmick and hasn't been doing anything lately, I think he leaves to go to Raw and help develop a mid-card there.

CM Punk- He is going somewhere, I just got a gut feeling that they won't leave the MITB winner on ECW, that is very unclassy.

Carlito- He has been a complete bitch backstage and apparently he has issues with HHH and his status as champ. It is clear that he isn't happy with WWE and I'm guessing that he leaves Raw and probably goes to get buried over in ECW with Mike Adamle providing commentary, it will be a match made in heaven.

Trevor Murdoch- With Cade and Jericho now teaming up that leaves him the odd man out so I'm guessing that they are going to push Cade as the new official heel like Umaga was [hall of fame worthy jobbing by Umaga though] and that means Murdoch is now gone since he has no role on Raw.

Some Divas- They will probably have one or two Divas switch brand to balance out Raw and ECW since on Raw they got 3 divas Mickie, Glamazon, Maria, and Melina. They might add one or two more since only three of the previously mentioned wrestle or they send some over to Smackdown since it is officially getting its' own Diva's Championship.

Various scrubs- This means the wrestlers who don't win titles and just don't have any impact on the business at all [that means you Palumbo].

John Cena- Yeah I know what a pick. I was listening to Raw and JR dropped some hints such as even if there is a brand change they still face people at Night of Champions. With this new Jericho angle coming in it makes since that Cena is switching over Smackdown [no way in hell he goes to ECW] and he loses to HHH at NOC then Jericho and HHH continue their feud for the WWE championship.

Those are picks so I'm locking them in and we'll see if I predicted correctly. The only thing left is to make a Mock Draft 2.0 and wait until Monday to see the results.

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