Saturday, June 21, 2008

X-Factor #32 Review

Writer: Peter David
Art: Pablo Raimondi

I have been very critical of how Messiah Complex totally fucked over my favorite X book. Well now, it is showing signs of life. I am glad that the whole Arcade filler..... er story, is over. This issue showed signs of progression for my favorite disbanded degenerates. Madrox is one of my favorite characters. That is credit to Peter David who writes such great dialogue. This is Madrox's book, and we get to see his thoughts on the chaos. I thought the thing with the old Jew and Madrox was very well done, and it showed that Madrox is a considerate guy. The stuff with Layla was also good because you know Madrox misses the hell out of her. The whole inclusion of the bitch lady was good because it showed long term planning, and you know X-Factor is going to be wary of her in issues to come. I loved how Madrox showed that he is the leader of the team and told the bitch lady (forgot her name sorry) to stick it and blew up the building. I personally would have ended the issue there because it gives the faces the upper hand for once, and you know they deserve it because mutants get royally fucked on a daily basis. The art was good and I am excited to read the next issue.

Art: Ballin
Overall: GET IT

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