Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take Tro

Let me give my take on the Finals. That Celtics team is so likeable i swear. As an NBA fan who had no particular favoratism to any of these teams, the Celtics just came across as the more worthy, because they play hard defense. Thats it. The Lakers bitch about every call and they play no D. Can't have that. And on top of that, did anyone see in game 5 when Kobe bitched out Gasol for not catching a 150 mph no-look pass? Awful. The emotion from the Celtics permeated through my TV screen and it was one of my favorite championship celebrations of all time. As an avid Yankees fan, I am supposed to hate Boston fans (which i do), but hats off to them for booing David Stern. I don't know why. And Doc Rivers might be the worst in game coach in the game today, but he came through. Sure he won the finals, but do you recall when he started Leon Powe, never played him again, playing Tony Allen at point guard, running isos for Cassell, and running high screens with KG and Pierce 50 times a game. But all in all, good job. I was going to do awards, but I am just gonna do it on the Jam Session.

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