Friday, June 27, 2008

Green Lantern #32 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Ivan Reis

By far the best Secret Origins issue. Many people have complained that they don't like these origin issues in comics, but I have no problem with a writer carefully retconning a certain mythos to better his story, especially if it is a really good writer that will be linked to the title that he is retconning, i.e Geoff Johns of Green Lantern or even Ed Brubaker of Captain America among others. Geoff Johns saved this franchise, and I think he has the right to tweak the origins if it helps the future of the story. With the inclusion of none other than Sinestro (not Sincestro), this story rocked. I don't think anyone in comics today captures a character more perfectly and intricately than Johns does with Sinestro. It is a hit every time. He once again proves this in this issue, as Sinestro was spot on with his dialogue and character mannarisms. I also loved the internal monologue of Hal, as Johns has so perfectly handled these characters in his run on Green Lantern. Even though the title has cooled off after an incredibly hot Sinestro Corps War run, let us not forget that this title is one of the best on the market today. When Johns is done with his run (and I hope that is a distance away), I think we will appreciate how well he has handled these characters, and you will see that links from issue #46 with issue #13. Johns has created an atmosphere in this title that you can submerge into and appreciate. While he is doing a Secret Origins issue, he doesn't have his eye off of the big prize, with the careful page about the Red Lantern. He is still building towards Blackest Night, but he is doing it slowly and carefully, and the payoff will be evident and well worth it a year from now. This issue reinforces Hal's love for flight, and Sinestro's love for authority and rules. Ivan Reis is tremendous, and is one of the best artists in comics today. I loved this issue.



Kirk Warren said...

The problem with Secret Origin, though, is that it doesn't retcon anything outside of maybe 4 pages over the past 5 months worth of books. The rest of it has been almost verbatim of the Emerald Dawn origin and the recent issue even lifted the previously shown Sinestro blowing up Hal's jet scene from one of the Green Lantern issues back during Sinestro Corps War.

Brubaker didn't retell Cap's origin when he retconned Bucky's situation. He showed off a few panels and then it was all new material related to the story.

Johns isn't doing anything new and that's where I have my problem with it. He could have shown everything related to the Red Lanterns in about 6 pages and save us from sitting through a 6 or more issue arc.

Anonymous said...

Good points. I probably overrated this issue, but I still don't have a problem with Johns inserting story elements such as the Hector Hammond thing. I havn't read Emerald Dawn, but I will definitely look into them. Thanks for the comment.

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