Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Take Tro

Last night was hectic as far as the WWE Draft goes. Whoa. And tomorrow is crazy because the comics are going to be great. Good week. Lets get to awards:

The candidates for the Rated R Superstar Award:

Incredible Hercules #118
Guardians of the Galaxy #2
Punisher #58
Wolverine #66
X-Factor #32

The Winner- Wolverine #66

While there were some good reads out there, none great, Wolverine clocks in with the award. If you can ignore the absurdity of Millar's vision of the future, then you can look at the intriguing take on Logan's character and how it was handled. Accompanying that is McNiven's excellent artwork, and you got yourselves the Rated R Superstar of the week.

The candidates for the Rusty Venture (I think thats what its called? Yes it is) award:

Trinity #3

The Winner: Trinity #3

Again, I don't read all the comics like i used to, but this takes the cake for the worst thing I read all week. The story is stagnant and the take on the Trinity is something that is not new or innovative, and it just follows the formula. I am done with this stupid title.

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