Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jam Session

Howdy, I figure its finally time to dust off the shelf and actually handout the awards that our blog has so prominently displaced on the side for so long. [Note these awards reflect only the opinion of the OAO and do not reflect the views of Sports God or Viacom or any variation of the parent company] [[Double note the fans in the Boston Garden have very nice voices, I enjoyed their rendition of "Na Na Na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye"

The following comics have qualified for the best award that this blog is qualified to handout by the state of Kentucky and the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Action Comics 866: Geoff Johns continues to be DC's franchise revivers as he takes old concept and makes them cool. Here he kicks off the Brianic arc and from the way he started its looking to be good, this goes without saying but having Superman look like Christopher Reeve helps, a lot.

Booster Gold 10: Another title penned by Geoff Johns, Booster Gold continues to ride the wave and move up through the DC heircharchy. This title is now standing on its last legs since Johns and Katz which makes this a last hurrah kind of effort. Sporting spider-man-esque [not enough hyphens] dialog this title is a fun title featuring great characters as well as a healthy dose of DCU history.

Moon Knight: This title is one of Marvels more underground titles. It features many main characters because the main character has multiple personalities. This title has intense action and deals with the darker side of superheoring. The art style helps convey the gritty feel of this comic. Though unintentional this comic may have won best moment for Moon Knight's creative method of defeating the villain, let's just say Newton would approve.

And the Rated R superstar is.....................................................................................................................

Booster Gold

This was a tightly contested race between Johns and Johns and Johns managed to pull it out. Action Comics will probably win next time when the story starts to pick up but Booster right now was the better issue. The dialog in this title has been awesome and features the breakout character of 2008 Skeets whose heroism and one liners are the stuff of legends. He alone managed to steal the show. Though having a weak ending the journey there was entertaining to let that slip. Johns has a fantastic way of weaving all the plotlines together and here he manges to go back all the way to 52 and weave those plotlines into this title. This was a monster issue and congratulations to it winning the Adam Copeland Award of Excellence.

Now it's time for the equally prestigious Rusty Venture Award. This is a new award meant to recognize the beauty of failure [the worst comic]. This title shows the "Beautiful sublime failure" that can be achieved through perseverance and commitment to anything and everything but excellence. So here are the nominees for the title that is worst than David Stern's mic skills:

Skarr Son of Hulk: Featuring sketchy art that won't allow you to recognzie or make anything out and also less than compelling dialog this title truly excels where others fail to fail. It is too early to condemn the whole series [got to wait two more issues, the countdown is on] but this issue makes a case for the Rusty Venture Award that is hard to ignore.

Titans 3: Judd "You Can't Read Me!!" Winick is back to form as he continues his pointless run on Titans. Sporting some bad dialog and a terrible premise this title is officially qualified to be condemned seeing it is 3 issues in. This title has consistently been down or up there depending on your views and hopefully it will lock up the award this time.

Amazing Spider-Man 562: With this title shipping three times a month it is nominated 3 times a month. This title isn't bad but due to the One More Day storyline Marvel has basically stated that Peter is not allowed to grow as a character and will forever be stuck as a single bachelor who can't get ahead no matter what. Due to that this title is going nowhere [more so than any comic] andthis franchise has fallen from flagship to third string.

And the Rusty Venture Failure is.........................................................................................................

Titans 3

This title excels because it does what the other two nominees cannot do, it fails [or succeeds] to justify why it should exist. There is really no reason for these Titans to come together logically. Skarr had Planet Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man has 561 issues some of which were at one point or another Rated R worthy [its true I swear] but Titans excels on having no logical basis to exist what-so-ever but manages to raise the bar even more failing to live up to any expectations that a poor child might have had. If you want to read something that has the word Titans in it read Teen Titans not this. This title is a class act and it truly shows beautiful sublime failure like no other.


The Sports God said...

Rated R Superstar-
Action: Johns did an incredible job of streamlining Superman and his supporting cast. Art was top notch.

Whatever The Hell The Worst Of The Week Award Is Called-
Trinity: I just didn't like it very much. My previous review rating was very generous, and in retrospect, it deserved a Fuck It. It didn't do anything for me.

I don't read everything so thats why stuff like Gotham Underground or something doesn't get any mention when it comes to failure. So our system is flawed.

The One and Only said...

Some titles aren't flat out bad, but you are just indifferent towards them, the Rusty venture award is meant to congratulate failure, not indifference

The Sports God said...


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