Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jam Session

Welcome to the latest Jame Session and today we got an extra long segment featuring the monster WWE draft recap and also weekly awards. Seeing as we are a comic blog I am obligated to give out awards before we can get to the draft recap. The award this week mean a whole lot more thanks to the heroic actions of Adam Copeland who brought about the biggest surprise in the draft. The nominees for the Adam Copeland Award of Excellence are the following:

Superman/Batman #49- Featuring a stunning conclusion in which has been a nice arc this title continues to be on the up and up. Albeit it was disappointing that they resolved a potentially interesting plotline too soon and this was a slow week.

Wolverine #66- The Old Man Logan arc is kicking off and the Marvel hype machine may be its own worst enemy as it does take some of the edge from the debut as Marvel usually spells out what happens. The issue nonetheless survives the damage done and is an enjoyable ride.

X-Factor #32- After Messiah Complex this title was gutted worse than Smackdown in the WWE draft but it has managed to rebound and set itself up as the premier X-title for the foreseeable future. It is said if someone said it better you should quote them so "This issue showed signs of progression for my favorite disbanded degenerates." [Sports God]

The Brave and the Bold #14- Mark Waid continues his enjoyable run. Though this title is shallower than the Raiders "Commitment to Excellence" it unlike the Raiders is actually enjoyable to watch [errr read] and is a fun ride. It does suffer from having no impact in the continuity of DC but it is such a fun ride that showcases a lot of DCU that you don't get to see.

On this day I see clearly that...............................................................................................................


This title has been absolutely classy for six issues now. It features some of the best chemistry between the big two and as I read it you can see that DC is trying to make Trinity into this on a weekly basis. Green and Johnson also dig deep into the history of this title and keep it constant by bringing up the things that past writers have setup such as the Toyman and give this comic a rich legacy that most comics don't have since other writers don't play homage to what the previous writers have done.

Now for the Rusty Venture award. This was a pretty weak week and a lot of worthy comics made the cut for this award. Let us look at the list of candidates who managed to make the cut for this prestigious award.

Trinity #3: Crash and burn in its finest form. Usually it takes 3 months to officially condemn a title but DC is really trying to beat the pack and has done in three weeks what it takes titles 3 months to do. Managing to create an atmosphere in which you cannot care about the main story but also featuring a backup story that is intolerable. You are getting two bad reads in one comic!!! How insane is that?

Iron Man: Director of S.H.E.I.L.D. #30: There are not enough periods in that title heading. In this title that is destined for cancellation and it is an all out sprint to the end. This title is in a terrible state and this could finally be it's week.

Amazing Spider-Man #563: Before Trinity could suck amazingly hard, before Iron Man fell there was Spider-Man leading the way for fallen flagships. Marvel isn't pulling any punches and has condemned the wall crawler to never be able to develop and grow. It was a gutsy call and in the long run has made Spider-man a front runner. Is this the week that Spider-Man breaks through?

And the Venture Bros worthy comic is............................................................................................

Spider-Man has the chance to rebound since there will be a Spider-Man 4 movie and since Trinity is a yearly series it has a ceiling that in most cases is a floor. This title basically can't or won't recover. It is already written and it could recover in the future but that is highly unlikely since it is a weekly title and it has a definitive end meaning it probably won't try to improve. A title is truly deserving when you can't put into words how much you dislike it and what it has accomplished. DC has managed to make me not care about this title as of now it is on the proverbial list.

There you go those are my winners and my other winner. Now it is time for the big WWE draft recap.

The big surprise was the fact that HHH got drafted to Smackdown and broke the biggest rule of the Untouchable list which I had posted. In the past HHH has been drafted to Smackdown but managed to reamin on Raw so he could manage to pull that off again so I refuse to concede that point.

Next was Jeff Hardy, Sports God absolutely pegged this one while I missed it. This of course mean that Jeff will be in the title picture in Smackdown. This was a big move for sure and could possibly be to help Smackdown for the big move back to the channel formerly known as UPN [I miss you man, and your heavy black programming].

Umanga was a a contest call which was the only sure thing from last night.

The reaction I had to the draft was absolutely stunned. Sports God and I watched the draft together and though our predictions were off before the broadcast it was during the broadcast that Sports God hit his groove as he called the picks once he saw what WWE was doing. I am proud to say I called the HHH pick at the end of the draft because I figured Smackdown was just getting jobbed and they were due for a quality pick that transcended all that jobbing. It was clear ECW wasn't going to win anything because you can't win that battle royal with Matt Hardy as your leader. Raw could have ran away with it but they didn't count on the Edge factor. Edge clearly stole the show as he out-speared Batista which was a truly memorable moment. It was good for Kennedy to get off the Raw because he was a bust and on Smackdown he go back to being a loud obnixious punk with a lot of upside. Overall that Draft and Raw was spectactular except for the Vince storyline again. That was not needed at all and in bad taste especially since it is or was on the anniversity of the Benoit incident. It was a great Raw and for once I can actually tune into Smackdown with greater interest than ever before [Hopefully they can manage to get JBL to announce with JR which would be almost as fantastic as JBL and Cole which in retrospect was possibly the greatest announce team ever since it helped carry Smackdown for all that time].


Anonymous said...

Amen brother.

Is it just me, or is WWE trying to make Smackdown the new A-show. Triple H, Edge, Undertaker, Big Show, MVP, Jeff Hardy, Umanga, Kennedy. And you have the best announce team with JR and Mick Foley. Just seems strange. It is going to change networks and SD will be the franchise for MyNetworkTV.

The One and Only said...

We need to add a Sports-Entertainment God to help us make sense of what is going on, before you know it Vince might actually show up on Smackdown!

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