Thursday, July 3, 2008

Batman #678 Review

"Zur En Arrh"
Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea

It seems at this point Morrison is about to stat the rebuilding of Batman and I'm ready for it. There really is a sense of climax approaching and the month long wait seems just cruel. This issue was awesome. For one thing, I want a mini-series of homeless Bruce Wayne running around with Honor Jackson; I found the scene with them booking it with the shopping cart absolutely comical. I have to admit I was confused with some of things in this issue. The begining scene I thought was Jason Todd reading the black casebook because when you see Tim later in the issue it looks remarkably different from the opening. The red motorcycle could be a misdirection on Morrison's part [he is tricky like that]. Another thing that bugged me was the way Hurt [if it was him] was talking when he was about to administer the drugs to Bruce. I honestly thought that it was Thomas Wayne. This issue gives you a lot to chew on and I appreciate how Morrison treats the reader like that. My understanding of this story was that Bruce's mind wasn't ready to accept losing and constructed Honor Jackson as a way to guide him back to where it all began [your inner wise black man is a truly wondrous phenomenon]. I would not put it past Bruce to have planned for something like that. I'm still wondering about the radio and its' significance of it. The best part of this issue was the Dick Grayson development. Putting him on the shelf storyline wise was smart but also in Arkham!!? That was a twist. Morrison puts a lot of events in this issue and there is still the muderous clown elephant in the room, the Joker. The Joker vs this crazy Batman could be one legendary showdown. There is also the question of Jet, I don't like her character or anything, but she disappeared completely so she is probably relevant in some way. The art is great on phenom level depending on wheter or not that was Jason at the start of the issue so I'm not pulling the trigger on this rating. This issue is an honest to god turning point in this story and I'm having a lot of fun reading this. Bottom line:



The Sports God said...

Hurt is clearly mocking Thomas Wayne by dressing up like that at the end of the issue

benjamin said...

isn't the homeless black guy the dude that the batmobile stops from being hit by a car in issue 676? notice that they both mentioned bruce having a "kind face..."

The One and Only said...

That is an amazing catch especially considering you barely see him, that is a good catch that now brings up the question what is Honor Jackson? Also that means that Bruce gave him the money that he used to buy the smack that he died on, just got more confusing.

Sports God why Thomas Wayne?

The Sports God said...

whoa. Good job Benjamin

The Sports God said...

One and Only-
via wiki

Dr. Wayne was also the "first Batman" according to The First Batman, a Silver Age tale where he attacked and defeated hoodlums while dressed like a "Bat-Man" for a masquerade ball with flying creatures as a theme (the costume resembles the original Batman costume from 1939).

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