Thursday, July 10, 2008

Detective Comics #846 Review

"First Families of Gotham"
Written by Paul Dini
Art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs

Paul Dini's Detective Comics has been one of my favorite titles. The thing I enjoy most is that it isn't written for trade and employs a series of standalone stories with reoccurring themes. With a majority of writers writing their stories for trades the monthly reader suffers a bit and the stories aren't as enjoyable the second time in a trade form. Dini now chooses to tell a six issue story arch featuring the return of Hush and admittedly I found this debut issue to be underwhelming. Dini reworks some of the Hush back-story some of which adds a bit to the original written by Loeb way back when. Pertaining to the plot I think Hush is trying to somehow heal his mom which is why he has a hospital full of disfigured people. I liked the idea that he wore the bandages because he saw his mom like that was cool because the bandages never made much sense when a ski mask seemed to be just as acceptable and also more stylish [having justification for it is nice]. The biggest positive about this issue is the Batman and Catwoman dynamic. It is nice to see her back into the mythos because she seems to have just been completely absent for so long. Dini does manage to craft a good mystery since he himself is an active cryptologist [you learned something today] and I am curious to see what striking at the heart of Batman means. It sounds like it will be really intense. Another thought that came to me was of Hush popping up in R.I.P. to help out Bruce but I doubt that. I really like the art style that they use because it evokes a feel of the old black and white detective movies they used to do back in the day. It fits here. So to wrap this up, the story seems to be written for trade which is probably why this issue felt lackluster, nothing of note really happened but the interactions between Catwoman and Batman were nice. This issue got me intrigued, not enthralled or excited, but I am somewhat committed to following this storyline.

Overall: SKIM IT

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