Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Uncanny X-Men #500 Review

Writer: Ed Brubaker & Matt Fraction
Art: Greg Land

What the hell? This is your big 500th anniversary special, with 2 of the best writers in the business? I didn't like this at all. First of all, the art was just terrible. 2nd of all, this issue just felt like a standard Uncanny issue, which is not a good thing. I thought that bringing Fraction aboard and a fresh new restart with #500 would revamp this fledgling series, but no. What we got was run of the mill stuff with poor character work. Quite frankly, the whole San Fransisco thing is just not working for me. I found the writing lackluster, and the direction even poorer. We got Magneto, which was cool, but he felt like a passe villain, and not the Magneto that we are accustomed to and expect. He is just a sad little man with no powers. I think we are done with the X-Men. With Whedon off of Astonishing, there is just no appeal in the X titles that matter. You have to go to X-Factor and X-Men Legacy for your X experience. Ok enough of this. Bottom line- this issue was just not a good read, but the worse part is the expectations coming into this landmark, and the failure to deliver a satisfying read.

A very low

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