Monday, July 14, 2008

Countdown to DK

So in honor of the greatest movie ever made being released in four days, I took it upon myself to read a great Joker story every day this week and then rant about why it is a Joker story. So to kick it off we go with what was Brubaker's last story before he went to write the epic Captain America stories. I am talking about the Man Who Laughs [not sure if I should capitalize the who which is going to bug me the rest of this post]. This is a modern retelling of the first time the Joker tried to terrorize Gotham. The art is really nice and the only problem I have with it is how the noses seem to be incredibly big, other than that the art is fantastic. I won't even analyze the writing since it is written by Brubaker so the talent is there. I enjoyed this story; there is a certain air of mystery surrounding the Joker as you never really know what he is planning [the assumption there is that you didn't read the original story since it was written way back when]. It is a fun mystery with plenty twists and turns. Brubaker writes a mean Joker and it is only fitting that we start the countdown with Joker's first attempt at shenanigans. Written by Ed Brubaker and art by Doug Mahnke this is one Joker story you should read up on before you go into the Dark Knight. Stayed tuned tomorrow for the next pick.


Anonymous said...

3 rotten reviews. such a travesty

hostile17 said...

The greatest movie ever made is great hyporbele

The One and Only said...

lol, all in good fun

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