Saturday, May 31, 2008

Batman #677 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Tony Daniels

Grant Morrison has taken over the month and rightly so. The man can flat out write and it shows in Batman. Here we have part of R.I.P. and he continues to move to the story. There is the welcome addition of the newest Thomas and Martha Wayne plotline that adds a bigger sense of mystery. They [allegedly] were involved in some questionable recreational activities and now it is possible that Thomas Wayne himself could be black glove, wow. It sure is intense. Also another idea he introduces is that Batman himself cud be his own villain, it is unlikely but with Grant you just don't know. The art is great as well and Tony Daniels has recovered since that mishap with issue 675. The conspiracy that Morrison has crafted is deep, he uses Alfred in a way that most writers would not imagine. Alfred has always been a father figure or as close as any to Bruce and him actually being his biological father, you need to step back and think about it. The ending was an awesome cliffhanger with Hurt using the trigger word and the villains laying the smackdown on Alfred's candy ass. This is an amazing title and Morrison just continues to keep the ball rolling. [sidenote an interesting article went up on another blog and I suggest you check it out]

Overall: GET IT

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