Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jam Session

With the re-launch coming soon the best blog on the internet will only continue to get that much better. We plan a complete re-haul that is going to kick more ass than Bucky in Captain America which is a segway into reviews. Yeah it is some smooth transition.

Brubaker is definitely writing for trade form. The story is meant to enjoyed in one sitting and he isn't really writing for the month but rather to tell a story. I think he is doing a Grant Morrison approach where his whole series is a lead up to an arc that will most likely involve the Red Skull and an endgame so intense that it affects all of Marvel U. If you notice nothing is actually resolved and it seems to all be build up. I don't mind that at all but to review issues on an individual basis the scores won't be as high. It is the body of work that is the appeal here and judging by his body of work it is currently the best in the business. No one has been building as long as Brubaker but on the individual basis this issue is a mention. I'm sure at the end it'll be important but now it is worth a check.

Justice League was really enjoyable this week. I was glad that they finally allowed McDuffie to write a whole issue. He was always doing some 50-50 with the issue that was just lame. With the backup story gone it finally allowed McDuffie to tell a cohesive story and I think this issue was really good. They did a good job about pushing Libra which is probably the whole reason this issue was mad. If the man can somehow recruit Luthor that means he is big time. Fun fact Lex Luthor was actually a scientist before they reconned him into something more evil, an80's business man. I do hate how the Big Three are going down that same road of secrecy and decent that peoridically tears them apart. There has to be some lesson they learned from that. The villian work was solid and the art was pretty awesome. I am a big fan of comics looking like cartoons and not being Alex Ross (no disrespect) but I look the cartoony look. Hopefully they allow McDuffie to continue writing full issues because the man is talented, he did the cartoon and that means something.

We didn't get the Batman RIP review in so here I go. Batman RIP the debut issue was pretty awesome. The Joker character work was out of this world. Tony Daniels is pulling an Ivan Reis hitting his stride just as the writer is putting out a career defining story. That is a good combination. I believe Morrrison has yet to debut the new batmobile because Bruce isn't in his right mind and as such the car is probably incomplete. Morrison did good work hyping up the Dark Knight but going into the butcher Joker mode. That scene was absolutely scary. The man has a body count probably close to 1,000 and let us face it, he was getting stale. How does one rectify the situation, shoot him in the face, give him knives and watch him spread smiles the old fashion way, cutting the face. The Black Glove looks like it could be real heels but I just got a feeling they aren't the real villain. This is a great jumping on point but it really doesn't advance the story. The Joke work is the real highlight in this issue and I strongly recommend it as a biased Batman fan.

Mighty Avengers was not what we had come to expect from it. The Sentry is the most useless character ever. The writers made the mistake of making him too powerful so how do they cancel that out, they give him mental breakdowns that take him out to equation. I want to keep this brief, I can't seem to understand this character at all. The void is allegedly his evil ambitions or something along those lines yet it is playing hero. I think he would benefit from some assertiveness and the Void is frankly more interesting. MArvel is all about the anti heroes and the Void would be great for that. Hopefully Sentry manages to become not crazy and a legit hero again. Marvel needs to do something because this cycle of him being the first person taken out in every fight is just insane, he is way too strong for that.

That concludes the first jam session. Hopefully with the rehaul we can bring in more readers and make this blog live up to potential. I believe in Harvey Dent like i believe in this blog, ehhhhhh, bad call, but you get the idea. (Lamest commercial ever is the Taco Bell white rapper who raps his order, really who does that? It is not quality like that Free Credit Report commercial where they are in the car. That is a classy commercial.)

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