Thursday, May 1, 2008

DC Universe 0 Review

Let There Be Lightning
Writer: Grant Morrison/Geoff Johns
Art: George Perez/Doug Mahnke/Tony Daniel/Ivan Reis/Aaron Lopresti/Philip Tan/Ed Benes/Carlos Pacheo/JG Jones

Well this is DC's big apology for the debacle that was Countdown to Final Crisis. They felt nervous that the hype wasn't there, and that a lot of fans were turned off by the suck that Dini whored out. So what do they do? They just use all talent under contract that matters and makes them write a 22 page advertisement. Sounds good to me! First of all the cover is cool, but more on that in the comments. We have a narrator talking about the state of the heroes and the concept of the multiple earths. We learn that in Crisis on Infinite Planets that the multiverse was destroyed. On Infinite Crisis we see that the multiverse came back. Now we are in the Final Crisis. We see Superman fight a dude, and a huge brawl in space between some legions (Johns' big arc later on Action). We have Batman and Joker. Batman wants to know who is after him, but Joker is a sly man. Joker keeps the Bat guessing, but the Batman is not flustered. He tells him to bring his shit. We have Wonder Woman taming a bull, and someone planning on killing her. Who the fuck cares. Ok so they got the cast of 300 to do the job. Better, but I was not a fan of the movie. We got Hal examining a situation, and then we got a splash page of color spectrum goodness. We got the damn Spectre. I think he eats someone. We see a burning body falling to earth. We got the Crime Bible gathering. Libra wants to lead them if they follow their god. An evil God (Darkseid most probably). Then the text box slowly turns red, and has Flash's signal upon it. The One and Only has informed me that Barry Allen is coming back after 23 years.

There is a lot to say about this. I doubt I will cover all of it though. The big news we get out of this is that Barry Allen is back. After 23 years, the original Flash (I think) returns. I have read Rokk's blog, and he says that people thought they shouldn't fuck with Allen because his death was really well done or something. Well, they better have a damn good reason why he is back. If Johns does this character, then yay. If Johns writes Flash, that is a good thing, because the current title is real shitty. The 2nd big thing you can surmise out of this is the confirmation that there is a certain evil God up in heaven right now. Its Darkseid folks. He got shat on in CTFC, but who gives a fuck about that. Its like WWE and Chris Benoit. Just erase it from history because it was such a fuck up. Mothefucker. We get a lot of hype for Legions of 3 worlds, Blackest Night, Batman RIP, Wonder Woman Shit, Final Crisis Spinoff Involving The Spectre, and everything else I am sure. Like I said, lots of ads. But quality baby. Morrison and Johns craft up a great read. The narration was fantastic, and the reveal in the end was very well done. Kudos to the 345 artists that worked on this, because it looked great. Actually, it looked just like Infinite Crisis, which isn't a bad thing. The coloring for the Barry Allen text box thing was done wonderfully. The last page was awesome. You didn't need to convince me that Final Crisis would kick ass, but I am sure you have to be excited now. The hype was well done for everything. Too bad no one cares about Wonder Woman. I know that there needs to be gender equality, or some stupid socio-political issue that needs to be addressed in comics. Or i am bullshiting. Take your pick. Bottom Line: no body or their mothers care about Wonder Woman. Bring Hal Jordan to the big 3 because he deserves the spotlight way more than that disillusioned bitch. Ok that is harsh, but I am in full-rant mode because Its like a Friday and I have GTA and everything is good. Get GTA folks. This comic is very good and i feel very comfortable with the state of DCU right now. My only gripe is that they rely too heavily on Morrison and Johns, and while thats all well and good now, they need to develop/acquire the next big writer. Seriously, take Johns and Morrison away and DC is fucked. Fucked up the asshole. There is no depth in DC, but the main event is very, very worthy. Its going to be a good summer of DC comics, and its very exciting. Get this thing because its 50 cents. Its good, but not necessary for everyone. Just on the fence people that need a reason to be excited. This gets a very high


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