Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take Tro (5/20/2008)

O.K so we have slacked off big time. I questioned the use of the blog, because I was honestly not motivated to do reviews or posts anymore. But here I am, on a Monday night at 12:49 doing a post that I haven't done in 4 months. Since we are lazy fuckers and don't do shit, we promise to change. We don't exactly know how yet, but we will shake things up a bit for the summer. We promise to keep most of the old in tact, but we might add some new features or so. Our target week for the revamp is the next one, so watch out for that.

So lets move on to some comic book talk. I just finished up Jeph Loeb's Dark Victory trade, and I must say it was excellent. This is just classic Batman. I don't know what Loeb is doing right now, but him and Sale really know how to tell good Batman stories. It was the sequel to Long Halloween, and I enjoyed it just as much. This one was more confusing, but Harvey Dent really shined, and we saw character progression for the Batman, Robin, and Catwoman. The plot was masterly weaved through 13 issues, and it really came together well at the end. Tim Sale is a master with his colors. I am not sure if he is the one that does it, but I really enjoy the large spaces of color. It just really contributes to the mood of the story. You guys need to pick this one up.

I want to touch on Thunderbolts. The Caged Angels arc is just so fantastic. Warren Ellis has done a tremendous job making Thunderbolts one of the best reads on the market. You never know when it is coming out, but when it does, please get it. The story would probably read better as a trade, because it isn't that deep, but its a lot of fun. Norman Osbourn is such a g. The first 5 pages of the recent issue was seriously some of the best stuff I have read all year. It is just Norman showing how crazy he really is, but its so awesome. You have to read it.

Batman kicked off the big R.I.P angle very nicely with the recent issue. The first 17 pages of so were mostly just set-up kind of stuff. But you should get this book for the freaking art. Tony Daniel outdid Grant Morrison here. Seriously, the last page of the Joker was so good looking. It was just awesome. I really think this will be a strong story. Even though I am a big Batman guy, I am still looking forward to Final Crisis more.

Jason Aaron is just kicking ass with Wolverine. I think he is leaving the title, but get the "Get Mystique" arc on trade if you don't own it. It is by far the best Wolverine story I have read. It is just really true to the character and it was just a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to Captain America. No shock there. Brubaker continues to kick ass.

I hope to post one of these every week. I can't promise it all being comic books, as i tend to go off on a tangent on long posts. I am really tired right now, so that is why I want to stop, but i have an urge to write about some other stuff (possible new blog coming.......... look out). On that last note, it probably won't happen, but me and The One and Only talked about it briefly. We have much more to offer than just comic books, trust us. The summer is coming, and we are going to revamp and reload.

Have a good week fuckers

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