Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ultimate Human #4 Review

Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Cary Nord

This is the final chapter to one of the best "Ultimate" stories that I have read. It has been well written and self-contained so far, so lets see how this finale goes. We start with Bruce and Tony stuck in a sticky situation. Tony says he can help, but Bruce will always be the Hulk. Bruce fights it, but realizes its the only way to go. He transforms. Hulk attacks Tony, but Tony tells him to go after the guy with the big head. Hulk follows suit. Lots of Hulk smash. Hulk is looking for the man with the big head. Big head tries to control him, but Hulk is just too stupid to be controlled. Hulk kills Big Head. Hulk then jumps away.

That was a solid ending to this story. I like how self-contained this story is. You have everything you need in these 4 books. Although it wasn't as crazy good as #3, it was still solid. We get some closure to it, and it doesn't end on a good note. Bruce will never be the same, and Hulk is now set free. I thought the big head guy could have come across a little badder in this issue, because he was basically pummelled and murdered. That is a minor complaint, but it would have been nice to see. Nord does a good job with the art, and the story is well done. I am not a Hulk fan, but this Ellis does a good job with him. Tony is a g of course.


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