Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mighty Avengers #13 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Alex Maleev

We start the issue with Daisy (remember her? She was the little kid in Secret War. I don't) talking to someone. That someone turns out to be a black Nick Fury (C'mon Bendis). Fury tells her she has got to help him recruit some kids. We go to the son of Ares. He scares some kids away just by looking at them. Kid is Phobos. Daisy- 1/1. Ok so, the next one's name is Yo Yo. Yo Yo. Her power is like going fast, then being yanked back. What a clever little name. Her dad is the Griffen. Daisy- 2/2. We go to a convenience store, where some guy robs it. The clerk does nothing. Doesn't want to put in the effort because of minimum wage. Minimum wage = minimum effort. Somebody lock him up. Guy is JT. Daisy takes him to an alley. Dude can make fire. Turns out, he was the original Ghost Rider's grandson. He only agrees to join, if there is money involved. He is ok now. Daisy- 3/3. Daisy tries to recruit Layla Miller (it says 6 months ago, so don't freak it. It is still consistent with continuity). She basically says no because she sees the future. Daisy- 3/4. We go to Dr. Strange's kid. As JBL would say, Cha-Ching. Daisy- 4/5. Daisy bails some guy out of jail. Daisy- 5/6. We go to a lair, with all the recruits. Nick Fury- "You will do as I say every day for the rest of your lives". Holy fuck. He asks them if they know what a Skrull is.

That was a pretty good issue. I am new to Nick Fury, but he kicks a lot of ass. He is such a badass, I just can't get over it. The last 2 issues, Fury has just dominated, and he wasn't even in the comic til the end. Fury is by far the best covert, sneaky, badass in comics. This was a good team assembly issue. I liked most of the characters, but the best was Daisy. She seems perfect to be Fury's right-hand girl. She isn't imposing, but she is slightly manipulative, which is all good. Maleev has some good art in here, and Bendis' Secret Invasion tie-ins are much better than the actual main story.


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