Saturday, May 31, 2008

All-Star Superman #11 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Frank Quietly and Jamie Grant

All-Star Superman is the best comic book title out there. Period. It is what a superhero comic is supposed to be. It captures the aspects of being a superhero, but it still keeps mature convictions. It is by far the best take on the man of steel out there. This issue further showed how Clark is handling his impending death. He is still troubled by how Earth will protect itself without him, but he has faith in his friends to keep it safe. I am truly moved by how genuine this Superman is. He really does care for the Earth. This is mostly commenting on the last issue, but this one shows the evil in the world: Luthor. Morrison's Luthor is evil man. He gets to be a superhero for a day, but he is still smart enough not to go up against Superman just with that. So he gets Solaris. We see Superman take it down, but not after losing some of his loyal robots. All of the characters feel very real to me, and we see Clark passing out at the end. Now, after saying all this praise, it is still not something i look forward to like Cap or Batman, but I really appreciate the comic and am pleasantly surprised when it decides to come out. Frank Quietly provides beautiful art. He continues to draw Superman very small in the panels, and that fits the overall theme of this title.


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