Monday, May 5, 2008

Green Lantern #30 Review

Writer Geoff Johns
Artist Ivan Reis

Abin Sur is investigating the Blackest Night Prophecy and is traveling to Earth carrying Atrocitus with him. He is talking to Sincestro the whole time about what is going on and basically filling him in on the prophecy that his ring will fail him so he is rolling in a ship now. Hal Jordan is now a mechanic who is jonesin to get back into the plane. He goes to complain about his situation but a corporate buyout has just happened and he meets Carol Ferris for the first time. Atrocitus is talking up Abin Sur and the Paralax kicks in and starts messing with him. He breaks out and attacks Abin Sur and escapes. The rest as they say is history. Abin Sur crashes and seeks out Hal. Hal suits up and goes and stops a plane from crashing. As a true hero he immediately tries to tap Carol but Hector Hammond (small headed currently) shows up and cocks block him (awww snap).

Comments: This was a great issue. I am enjoying the twist that Secret Origin is placing on the Hal Jordan origin. Good for Johns using Alan Moore to do some real good. I also liked the little Paralax angle that Johns threw in there, way to be consitent. The art is just quality man, I love it. On a serious story note, I think here we will see how big of an unsung hero Sincestro is. Someone is going to have to take down Atrocitus and I'm guessing it is Sincestro since he is the only one that knows whats up. If anything, I think this will become Sincestros story as mucch as anyones and what can I say, I'm a sucker for the complex villain. That is an important distinction that Johns will have to make soon about Sincestro's villainous nature. This will be a great story, I can feel it in my bones, better yet my power ring (I know bad pun, deal with it).


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