Friday, May 2, 2008

Action #264

Batman and the Legion of Superheroes
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Joe Prado

Johns just finished up his Legions arc thing, so we get to start anew with a new arc. Oh snap, more Legions! But this time its with Batman. He says he wants to take the Legions away from Superman. He walks into the ice fortress and meets up with Lightning Lad and Superman. They don't like each other at all. Batman wants to talk to Superman privately. Batman tells Sup that he can't trust these Legions. Batman brings up the 3 different Legions. They were all bad basically. Batman tells him that he found 2 bodies in Gotham that had Legions flight rings on them. Karate Kid and Duo Damsel. Lad comes flying in demanding answers. Batman tells him to back off. They go meet up with Starboy because he has activated a flight ring in his time. He is in a mental hospital because he has suffered from schizofrenia. He talks about Karate Kid and how there is no cure for his virus. He brings up Danny Blaine. Someones messing with them. Garth plans to leave. He gets along with the Bat a little better this time. Batman departs, but we see who has been narrarating the whole time: the Time Trapper. ooooooo

That was aiit. I don't know wtf Johns is saying half the time, but the inclusion of Batman helped. I kind of have a gripe about how he writes Batman. Johns' Batman is really paranoid, much more than Morrisons. I feel like Johns does not understand the character, and hasn't bothered trying. He is a self proclaimed "Superman Guy". This issue was used to hype the Legions of 3 Worlds, which comes much later. It was a fun little read, but the next arc is going to be filler. It warrants a


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