Saturday, April 19, 2008

X-Factor #30 Review

The Only Game in Town (Part 2)
Writer: Peter David
Art: Valentine De Landro

Ever since the Messiah Complex ended, this title has been going downhill. We start with Rictor still on that crucifix. Monet comes to save him, but she gets electrocuted. We then see who is behind this master plan. The black guy that got kicked out of the Purifiers enlists Arcade's help to kill of Rictor. So I think everyone escapes into this jungle. Then we have Big Mutant being bouled over by a boulder. Get it? Ok that was seriously a line from the book. He somehow gets out of that, only to be followed up by an Asian chick shooting at them. Ok so Rictor didn't escape. He does now though. Back to the jungle. There is an electric fence that blocks the mutants from the exterior. Kaitlin tries to go through, but she gets burned up. Madrox sneaks up near the Asian chick, and finds out she is a robot. He escapes from the jungle, but only to be shot by a Dupe. Turns out its another robot. Big Mutant Man takes care of the robot. So they are in civilian territory, and some ONE people come in. Madrox says they don't have anyone looking out for them. They find the source of all the chaos, and its inside a bar. They find the black guy slouched over. He says the Purifiers took him in when no one else would, thats why he feels so indebted to them. He says when his heart stops beating, the whole place will blow up. We end the issue with him drinking some poison.

Well that sucked. This title is going downhill. Messiah Complex seriously fucked this title up, because it was a really strong read before MC. I don't even know what happens half the time, because they just jump around without explanation. I feel the writing is weak, and not having Layla and Rhane and them really detracts from this title. Now they are fighting C-list villains, trying to survive. The art isn't that good, and the story is kind of retarded. You might like this but in my opinion


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