Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ultimate Spider-Man #121 Review

Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Artist Stuart Immonen

Bendis has been an absolute phenom on Ultimate Spider-Man. In all of 2008, this title is looking to be very explosive and could actually become a contender with Captain America and Iron Man. Let's kick off the summary with the statement, you remember that one baby project Peter and Kitty were assigned, well.... Kitty and Peter go to turn in their baby, but it has been burned and destroyed. Thus we are whisked into a flashback of what went down 18 hours ago. MJ is walking to her locker all sad when she finds ice cream and is instantly cheered up (what can't you do ice cream). MJ and Peter are walking to the cafeteria when Kitty runs up and starts yelling. She got kicked out of the X-men and replaced by Liz Allen and shes mad, shes so mad she dumps the baby on Peter and then storms out. The guidance counselor comes to class to talk to them about Liz and calls Flash Spider-Man (good times, good times) and this segways into a tangent of how the health teacher is the prime suspect and his method of sucking in his gut to conceal his identity. The counselor continues to make everyone feel awkward but calling on Kitty and this does not help the situation. Peter then goes to work where JJ is going off on Betty Brant and he isn't cutting back, he goes 110%. Omega Red then attacks JJ but luckily Spidey is passing by and they brawl and destroy the suspect baby. The teacher is staring at Peter and gives him a B-.

Comments: The reigning best Spider-man title in all of Marvel continues to flex its muscles and here is a prime example. This issue is chalk full of humor and it really shows. Bendis has constructed a world here and the way he cites events within the story really make it entertaining. This title has depth that no other title on the market has. I don't think any title has a had a writer as long as Bendis has wrote this title. The humor is absolutely top notch, from the whole Flash being Spider-Man to the way this whole adventure was set up around an explanation of what happened to the baby. The teacher's response was priceless, that B-, she was just throwing a grade out there. This title is absolutely great if you have followed it up to this point as you get more of the humor as characters cite events from the past. If you have not followed it you won't get the same satisfaction but you will still enjoy it. This easily is the best of the week.


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