Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hulk #3 Review

Creatures on the Loose
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Art: Ed McGuinness

This title has taken a hiatus, and is back. The new series started off well, but the last issue was garbage. Hopefully Loeb can bounce back and give us an entertaining read. We start the issue with Tony upset about the carnage that took place last issue. She-Hulk tells him that there is a video with Banner in it. Banner is being interrogated, and he says he can help. He whispers something to a general, and the screen goes black. Tony wants that video. Next, we got Red Hulk fighting A-Bomb. Red Hulk calls him Rick, but that only confuses A-Bomb. They are attacked by booby traps, but Red Hulk smashes them, or something. I am not going to give play by play here, but think Great Khali vs. Mark Henry, with Hulks. Back to Banner, whose prison opens, and then he escapes, and turns green. More monster mash, but Banner shows up, and sets up a fight for the next issue.

Not bad, just no substance. Loeb would be such an asset to DC because he has superior skill in writing the Batman. Hulk is not an interesting character to me, and Loeb doesn't do anything to make me like him better. This is just a fun read about a red hulk. It's not even that good, but it was nice to look at. This issue was better than the last one because Loeb doesn't butcher Tony's character as much. Its not great, but


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