Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Captain America #37 Review

Act 3- The Man Who Bought America (Part 1)
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Steve Epting

I am very excited about this issue because the last one was pretty much awesome. Let's see if they follow up on the Steve Rogers situation. We start the issue with Red Skull observing an American celebration. He comments about how he will crush them and their spirit. We go to Senator Gordon Wright on the news, who announces a 3rd party to run for president. Back to Skull, who is with Faustus. He is watching Cap on the news. He says that he won't be the only stripling to wear that flag. Foreshadowing maybe? We go to Sam and Tony. Sam is grilling Tony about making Bucky the new Cap. He says that he doesn't trust him to uphold what Steve stood for. Tony is like Steve wanted me to take care of Bucky and have a new Cap. We go to Bucky who is working out on a rooftop. Hawkeye finds him and attacks. Hawkeye also has problems with Bucky being Cap because he doesn't trust the guy. We go to Sharon who is trying to follow up on the Steve thing. She says she wants to get Steve and herself out of there. We go to a flashback with Bucky. He is in WW2 with Steve. Bucky is acting silly, wanting to use the internet to warn his girlfriend and stuff. Then, Steve says he is going to want his shield back, and he says say something in Russian. Really weird scene. Back to present time. Bucky is going to get a snack, and Sam appears. Sam clearly disapproves, but agrees to work with Bucky to find Sharon. Back to Sharon, who finds a body bag thing. Steve Rogers walks out, and he doesn't know his name or anything. Sharon says you aren't Steve, but the man says he is, and asks who she is.

This was another great issue from Mr. Brubaker. He continues to crank out great stuff, and moves the storyline along well. The One and Only said that he thought the issue was "weak", but i disagree after reading it. It isn't as action-packed as the other issues, but there is enough plot movement and character work to suffice. Brubaker does an excellent job invoking political tension in this issue, as well as the series. The Red Skull is really a menace, and he has a crazy plan going on to take over the world. This isn't some half-assed and shallow scheme (coughDINIcough), but it is really well crafted and well built up. You have to understand that Brubaker, as well as many other writers, make issues for the trade release later. That is why they are so meticulously crafted. With that in mind, this is such an excellent title, and definitely my favorite from Marvel. The artwork, the story, and the characters are really what this title is all about. If you don't read this, then you are just an idiot. The flashback scene was really out of place and threw me off. I had no idea what happened in that 2 page span. Other than that, pretty great stuff. Brubaker is making Bucky out to be someone who has to earn people's respect, because he sure as hell isn't getting it from Steve's old pals. The Steve Rogers situation is still interesting, but we didn't get many answers in this issue.


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