Sunday, April 13, 2008

Justice Society of America #14 Review

Writer Geoff Johns
Artist Dale Eaglesham

We start off with the Sandman waking up because he has a bunch of nightmares and can't sleep unless he solves the crime. Power Girl walks in and asks him to check on this Gog fellow. We cut to Gog who is trying to kill a fourth generation god because Gog is a third generation Gog and hommie don't play that. He tries to off Infinity-man but the dude takes off. The JSA is having a meeting and discussing why Gog is a threat as KC Superman breaks down what will happen in the future if they let this Gog fellow continue his right wing militant spree. Gog happens to break in sporting a Sandman on his little spear and they all start brawling. Gog is taking people down left and right but Alan Scott decides to suit up and go to work.

Comments: This arc finally kicks into high gear. I'm not going to lie, I skipped the last couple of filler issues so this storyline is moving along at a fast pace for me. I'm wondering though when did the rooster get so big. It was not that big three issues ago, so someone needs to run what happened by me. I liked the art in this issue which was solid. I am not an expert on the society so i can say a lot about the knowing whether the dialog was spot on or not but it seemed to work. I can't say whether I really liked or hated this issue because I really don't care about these characters but I will say that I am enjoying the story.


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