Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Last Defenders #2 Review

The Breaks
Writer: Casey
Art: Giffen

We start the issue with Tony yelling at the Defenders for being terrible. They caused a lot of collateral damage, and they didn't get the job done. The Defenders complain that they had no idea they would face a giant monster, but Tony doesn't care. They tell they're story about how they fought the big flying bird monster. First, they launched Skull into it. That didn't work. So next Colossus gets burned up, because the bird breathes fire. The bird got down by Skull burning it's eyes out, and it went crashing through a casino. Tony, who is incredibly irritated, disbands the team. She-Hulk walks out, and Colossus leaves gracefully. We go to the past of the leader, and we learn that he had a relationship with this one guy that told him to be a hero. Back to the present, the leader is moping around. A homing beacon kicks in and he found the location of an enemy. She-Hulk rejoins him, and they go off to the place. We go to the place where Jaoquin is held captive. They try to have a quiet entrance, but She-Hulk is a loudmouth. They find themselves in a bad situation, but Jaoquin comes and bails them out. She-Hulk and Nighthawk are still arguing. They get stashed away in a secret place. Jaoquin says that his team members got shot, and his head got grazed so he would be a good captive. He escaped and has been working to take them down. Hulk and Hawk are still arguing. They eventually get into a real fight. Jaoquin breaks them up with a high pitched whistle. He says that the white supremacists plan on building a big weapon (the Madbomb) that will tear the country apart.

This is just a small-scale title, and is not meant to be taken seriously. It is just a story of a rag tag team built together to protect New Jersey. Thats funny. They got disbanded because they just wreaked havoc last time they fought an enemy. Casey is trying to give Nighthawk a kind of push to being a D lister from being a U lister. He is shown to be noble hearted, but with a confusing background. It was fun to see him and She-Hulk trying to coincide, while also trying to rescue someone. It didn't work out too well. This issue was fun to read, and set up the plot well.


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