Friday, April 11, 2008

Fantastic Four #556 Review

World's Greatest (Part 3 of 4)
Writer: Mark Millar
Art: Bryan Hitch

We start the issue with the CAP that escaped in the last one. He kills 3 or 4 people on his way to an air force base. We go to a command station, where people are panicking. Someone decides to gather a large superhero presence so that CAP will come to them. We go to Johnny, who has a million people at his house setting up stuff for a reality show. We see that he banged the villain from the last issue. We go to Sue, and Allysa comes flying through this room. Reed is gone, so she wants to gather all of the Fantastic Four. So the battle with CAP insues. We learn that CAP took out 40 of the largest superheroes. The F4 start fighting with the big monster robot, but nothing is working. Ben is too small, flames don't hurt, and Sue's force fields are being broken through. It is about to kill Allysa, but she installed a mechanism in it that prevents CAP from hurting her or her husband. CAP throws Ben into a lake. CAP deactivates all the weapons there, and is about to teleport to Russia. People are panicking, but not to worry: Reed is on his way!

This was a really good issue. I am not really into monster heels (i.e Hulk), but the other stuff in this issue made up for it. CAP is just way too strong though. If it took out 40 of the biggest Marvel superheroes, how is the Fantastic Four going to stop it. Better yet, Millar sets it up to where Reed is the one to stop this thing. This better be good, or this book will lose major cred. I liked the stuff with Johnny, because it exemplified what his life must be like. Good stuff there. The art is nice looking, and the dialog is well crafted.


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