Thursday, April 10, 2008

Booster Gold #8 Review

Blue and Gold (Chapter 3- Freedom Fighters)
Writer: Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz
Art: Dan Jurgens

Booster Introduces the issue with the cardinal rule of time travel- don't mess with the past. He says that messing with the past can drastically mess with the future. We see Booster, Ted, Hawkman, and Green Arrow making their way to the Resistance hideout. Booster and Birdman's personalities quarrel for a while. They go to the hideout and see that it is made up of Wild Dog, Anthro, and Pantha. Ted says that they are so dead. We meet all of the characters, and Hawkman has the plan to take Ted's jet, which is undetectable from OMACs, and fly right into Max Lord's castle. Booster thinks the idea is crazy because Max has a secret weapon- Superman. We see Max Lord telling Superman to kill, but he can't. He says he will eventually break him, and have full control over him. We go to Rip, Daniel, and the reporter. Rip says that they found Ted's chronal residue at the end of time, so that is where they are going. Daniel and the Reporter don't want to go. We go to the bad guys. Some of them want to get rid of Rip, but Black Beetle says killing Booster is the primary goal. Supernova says that they must get rid of Booster before he realizes his true destiny. Supernova says kill Rip, save Daniel and the girl because they need to mate. Supernova gets this gorilla to destroy Rip's lab. Back to the ship. They are going about, and Booster still thinks its a bad idea. All of a sudden, Superman missles into the ship and kidnaps Anthro. They break into the castle and Hawkman makes a lot of noise. They get confronted by the cronies. This one chick stabs Arrow with a dart, and he turns into an OMAC. He kills Hawkman. Wild Dog starts firing away, killing Pantha. He does this because Max Lord has taken control of him. He eventually kills himself. Max shoots Ted in the arm, and wants to know all about time travel. Booster takes Ted and runs. All of a sudden, Superman comes back into the fray. Ted activates a boom tube, and they end up in the decomissioned HQ of the Justice League. They decide that they need a large number of people to take down Max. Booster says that they should get the old Justice League International back together.

That was a really good issue. Finally we see the plot unfolding for this title. We started off with a bunch of stories, but now we see a well constructed plot being put together. I enjoyed the different characters in this issue. Wild Dog was great, always wanting to shoot his gun and stuff. Someone should give him his own title. Katz and Johns did a good job showing the disunity in the group members, and how it eventually led to their downfall. They did it in a way where it didn't hurt Booster and Ted, but just heightened their resolve. Max is a serious little fucker. He will do anything to be in control. The bad guys are really good here. Supernova is a serious bad dude. I am looking forward to seeing his role in this picture. I liked the end when Booster wanted to get the old gang back together. We didn't know exactly what happened to them, so it was safe to assume that they were still around. Now they are going to be brought into the picture. Dan Jurgens dishes out some good art.


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