Sunday, April 13, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #25 Review

Writer Peter Tomasi
Artist Patrick Gleason

So we had a two month break from the main GLC writer but now he is back and after the last crappy arc I am willing and proud to settle. So we pick up on the ringquest storyline and for those of you who don't remember it, Mongul decides to collect power rings. There you go, so we pick up with our villain a field of plants. These are the same plants that he uses every couple years to trap them in a fantasy world where they live out their fantasies but have the life drained out of them. Hes loading up on them for some reason beyond the reader [sarcasm]. We spend a majority of the issue seeing various green lanterns pulled out of situations to go see the smurfs in a big meeting. We have a brief clip of a deformed alien who gets selected to join the SC when Mongul bursts in sporting a ring for every finger. Mongul then bullies him to be a minion. The smurfs feel in the green lanterns and telling them they are going into a forbidden sector to collect some SC rings. They split up and start taking some bitches down. Mongul then makes his move and takes down Ion and Marissa using the evil plant things.

Comments: It's good to finally have a good writer on this title. The last arc really blew, really blew, as a matter of fact it blew so hard it destroyed New Orleans. I like what they are doing with Mongul making him relevant. He is gearing up for something big which is kind of nice. I like build up. One negative is the art though, it goes in and out and it isn't like New Avengers art which I do not enjoy at all. I also got a problem with Mongul using that damn plant to take out more people. It's like Umaga and his damn thumb, every freakin time, not cool man not cool. Mongul needs a new game plan, I mean come on this is just getting old. Its like a yearly ritual. I will admit though, when Mongul is on the panel he steals the show. I like his loading up on ring approach, fight fire with more fire, always works. This is a moment dominated issue but is weak as a whole. It shows flashes of potential and I have faith that the story will pick up. On that note it is worth a read.


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