Friday, April 18, 2008

Captain Marvel #5 Review

Writer: Brian Reed
Art: Weeks

I read some of the beginning issues of the series, but missed the last one. I enjoyed it for the most part, so lets see what I have missed out on. We start the issue with Ms. Marvel arriving on the SHIELD hellicarrier. Apparently, Captain Marvel is in the negative zone, so Ms. Marvel attempts to go there and find him. The attempt fails because he is not in the negative zone anymore. Now we see that Marvel is being held captive by some Skrulls. Lots of stuff happens here but I will give you the sparknotes of it: Captain Marvel is actually made from Skrull DNA, but has the mind of Mar-Vell. So he thinks like a Kree, but is actually Skrull. Get it? Good. He then takes out a bunch of the Skrulls and escapes. Agent Sante then puts a gun to his head. She threatens to kill him, but the Kree tries to reason with her. He says he is not a Skrull, and his mind is pure or some bs. He says he wants to help save the world. Back on the hellicarrier, Tony, like the good Samaritan he is, assures Ms. Marvel that Captain Marvel is dead. Turns out, there was peace on Earth for a whole 24 hours. This dude is preaching in the Church of Hala. Someone in the crowd freaks out, and turns out they are all Skrulls. Big surprise. That one really took me off guard. Wow. (Sarcasm). Captain Marvel kills some more Skrull ass in outer-space, and comes home to save us all.

I was not offended by this issue, but almost. Remember back in Secret Invasion, we all thought Captain Marvel was a Skrull because he caused terror. Well this was kind of a swerve. It was fine though. Good art, decent story, kinda sappy, anti-Ironman, and Secret-Invasion-tie-in. That pretty much sums it up.


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