Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Iron Man #28 Review

Written by Daniel and Charles Knauf
Art by Roberto de la Torre

Here we are in the glorious Iron age. Iron Man has just been phenomenal and single handedly has challenged Captain America for the top spot at Marvel. Can Tony pull the upset and come out on top, will the Mandarin be successful, and will this review ever start? Let's find out. Jack Kooning is about to parachute and attempt his assassination mission. At the exact same time Tony is getting crucified at the UN for basically nuking the Mandarin's old headquarters. I'm not going to lie here, in one of the greatest Tony Stark moments in all of history, he gives a very passionate speech the UN. He has this amazing line about how the courts should not prove Captain America right and punish Tony. In China meanwhile Kooning has failed and is killed by the Mandarin. The UN decides to punish Tony but Maria Hill and Dum Dum come up with the greatest plan in all of SHIELD history. They invade the UN and due to international law no one can do anything about it. Dum Dum takes Tony into a secret underground escape tunnel and tells Tony to finish the fight. Tony suits up and Mr. Stark is off to China. He tracks down Maya and gets the 411 on what is going down. Immediately after learning of what is going he goes off to chase the Mandarin down. They brawl in an amazing action sequence that results in Tony pulling out the rings from the Mandarin's spine and blasting him into another area code. Tony puts jell and o together and figures out a way to stop the virus by using cold weather to kill it. He cuts off part of his ankle and manages to tap into his Extremis powers and stop the virus from wiping out all of mankind. The Mandarin refusing to lose punches some chemical container and freezes himself. Tony passes out and when he comes to Dum Dum is there telling him that he has been reinstated as director of SHEILD, he is on Time magazine, and he has given everyone the proverbial finger. What a man!

Comments: This was the greatest issue that came out that week. Iron Man has single handily become king of the hill of Marvel. Bucky is now playing second fiddle to Tony and his adventures. Tony showed here that he is all heart, everything that has happened in Marvel is meant so superheroes can be superheroes, that is all Tony wants. The dialog is always guarn-damn-teed to be great. The great things they do with the supporting cast is fantastic as well. That plan to take down the UN was just amazing, who thinks of something like that? I'm not going to point out everything good thing about this issue because there are too many and it wouldn't do enough justice to the talented people on this comic. Here is how I will put it, great art, great story, great characters, and this was one of the best story arc endings I have read in a long time.


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